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 Rules and Regulations.

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations.   Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:39 am

Do not insult/attack other users. The mods will have the discretion to delete posts which are obvious insults. If you see a post/signature/avatar that is about you and feel that it is a personal attack, contact mod to remove the offending post. This is tight user community, and this rule is paramount to maintaining the integrity and camaraderie between the users.

1. No street racing posts.

2. Don't spam. If you are a vendor or in the business of merchandising, you must contact me to receive "vendor" status here. Without that, your post(s) will be deleted and your account banned.

3. Respect others opinions

4. Follow signature and avatar rules - Signature must be appropriately sized! It must be no taller than 200 pixels (the second number when you look under properties). It can be 650 pixels long. Also, ONE picture per signature. No animated GIFS.

5. You will get banned for being obnoxious.

6. Don't flip out if we do something wrong. Explain it casually and we'll think it over. Flipping out will only lead to #5 (read above).

7. Nothing factually sucks. If somebody likes a Ford Taurus and you don't, it's his/her own opinion. Argue with the person, but refrain from posting anything cruel. Unless somebody is a die-hard fan of a Geo Metro or a Kia Rio...then we've got serious problems...

8. No verbal threats!

9. No racist remarks at all, regardless of the context used. Any quoted text involving racial slurs or epithets are not permitted, regardless of their source or intended target. Any violation of this rule will lead to an immediate 3 day ban. This also includes insults/epithets directed against police officers.

10. No gory offensive material to be posted. Anything with mass blood, wretched guts, disfigured bodies, among other horrific scenery will lead to a permanent IP ban.

11. No nudity of any kind (bras and panties are the limit and that's with a NWS disclaimer only applying to crosslinks from other sites - no partially nude in-line images allowed!) That's a given.

12. Lastly, being a blind, illiterate troll will earn you a ban as well. Keep an open mind.

Small request: Please write in a legible and coherent manner. *typeing like dis onlee maks u look lik a fool*. We're educated human beings, please show that much in your writing.

13. Please DO NOT reply to a thread if you have nothing of substance to contribute. If somebody needs help with their car and you can't help him/her, do NOT reply with "I dunno" -- it's spam and it's pretty pointless. If you troll, you will be asked to stop. If you continue to troll, you will be banned.

14. If you find a link you find to be funny, but it contains nudity of ANY sort and it is NOT work friendly, do NOT post it on the forum without using a NWS disclaimer. Your thread will not just be locked, edited and scoffed at, you will be banned. If it is not work safe (ie. Shouldn't be viewing while at work), it should not be posted, same goes for painfully violent videos. Do NOT post them. They are disturbing.

15. Bait threads WILL be locked. Depending on the content of the thread, the thread creator will have disciplinary action taken against him/her. Staff, moderators and administrators are NOT protected by their status; they will be punished, as well.

16. Not Work Safe. You are not allowed to post in-line pictures of half-nude women in your thread. Marking threads NWS does not grant you permission to post nude material. You are only allowed to post nude material in other sub-forums if they are crosslinked from another forum with the hyperlink appearing and have a clear NWS prefix.

17. Do not advertise your site, forum, clan, or lemonade stand here without express permission from either Packetattack or ChinoX.

18. Female forum members are not to be subjected to vulgar sexual come ons. "I'd hit it", while a joke to some, is offensive to women. If you'd like to comment on the looks of your fellow female posters do it with respect -- avoid vulgar slang terms. Virtual bitch slaps, courtesy of women from this forum, will be handed out if you get our drift.

19. No male or female nudity in avatars or sigs (either implied or explicit).

20. Creating duplicate accounts will result in an immediate ban of both accounts including an IP ban. If you are attempting to bypass a ban using this method, this also applies, also referred to as "banwalking."

21. VQ35pa meet rules are under the guidelines and auspices of the meet co-ordinator. Listing your name and not showing up or not contacting the meet organizer ahead of time is disrespectful and may result in a temporary ban. This is based on past issues with members not showing up to meets and 60 car meets turning into 20 cars meets, along with vendors or other members holding merchandise for other members and having to carry financial losses.

22. Management ALWAYS reserves the right to use their common sense in enforcing rules and/or engaging a temp ban where necessary, without having specific written rules in place. If you cannot carry on a peaceful existence here after reading these rules, then this organization isn't for you.

23. No copyrighted media should be posted on the forum. No warez, software cracks or links to them are to be posted on the forums.

Thanks and enjoy the forum!
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Rules and Regulations.
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